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Fun Facts

Wash Waze


Think about all the things you could find in your trash bin right now… pet waste, newspapers, garden waste, expired food, soda cans and bottles, disposable diapers, food packaging, the contents of your vacuum cleaner, and food remnants including meat, fish, and poultry.


The average homeowner/business takes out the trash AT LEAST once a day with no gloves or protection when touching a trash bin.


Trash bins are a BREEDING GROUND for bacteria, maggots, grime, and other viruses.


Most people leave their trash bins near their house or either right outside the door, sometimes even inside their garage.


Trash bags leak and ooze creating germs such as listeria and salmonella in your very own trash bin!


Cleaning a trash bin yourself safely and effectively is NOT easy at all. If you tried it, it could easily take you 2-3 hours to get everything and harmful bacteria would flow into the storm drain.


In some states, including Alabama, it is ILLEGAL to allow bacteria to flow into storm drains because of the potential of water contamination! See Ala. Code. Section 22-23-47


Wash Waze, LLC’s latest ultra-high-pressure trash and recycle bin curbside cleaning system is able to safely and effectively disinfect, deodorize, and clean your bins.